Anti Fingerprint Oil

Anti Fingerprint Oil

Anti Fingerprint Oil

Type:optical adhesive

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Product composition:

AV-1000 anti fingerprint oil system for Henghui independent research and development, independent production, is a high-end anti fingerprint coating agent. Using high-grade raw materials and configuration, it is odorless, colorless and transparent liquid, applicable to metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials, with waterproof and oil proof antifouling anti fingerprint, fingerprint oil nanometer coating, anti metal mirror is by fluorine groups and silicon group combination of nano coating. The surface tension is tiny and can be instantly smooth.. Table dry speed, time saving, easy to operate, etc.. Mainly used in stainless steel and other mirror products.

1 high transparent, high clear colorless liquid, no color.
2 high brightness, good feeling, no impurities, no any spraying oil, no pitting, no fog, no swimming, no colorful.
3 high hardness, strong weather resistance, alcohol, corrosion resistance, friction, resistance to pollution, yellowing, acid and alkali resistance.
4 leveling, strong adhesion, toughness, anti fingerprint effect is particularly good.
5 the product is suitable for the metal surface such as mobile phone shell, metal plating surface anti - fingerprints and anti - rust treatment.
6 spraying no technology, no environmental requirements, simple operation, arbitrary spraying, without guidance.
7 thin film, the thin can be done 0.5μ. Metallic texture, no oil feeling.